We Sorcerers

Title: We Sorcerers

Gendre: Documentary

Country: Argentina

Running Time: 80 min.

Director: Fernando Szurman

Producer: Sergio Prá

   Fernando Szurman

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As Deleuze points out: “A becoming-animal always involves a pack, a band, a population, a peopling, in short, a multiplicity. We sorcerers have always known that.” We sorcerers is a documentary, based on the homonymous book from Juan Salzano (Argentinian poet and philosopher) that explores the tension between normalized knowledge and the rhizomatic experience of producing a different way of thinking and acting. We sorcerers want to become-documentary.



“A becoming-animal always involves a pack, a band, a population, a peopling, in short, a multiplicity. We sorcerers have always known that. It may very well be that other agencies, moreover very different from one another, have a different appraisal of the animal. But we are not interested in characteristics; what interests us are modes of expansion, propagation, occupation, contagion, peopling. I am legion. The Wolf-Man fascinated by several wolves watching him.”

Gilles Deleuze, A thousand Plateaus: Memories of a sorcerer

We sorcerers is a documentary based on an homonymous book assembled in 2008 by Juan Salzano. Juan Salzano is a member of an artistic group that gathered around renowned Latin American poets such as Lorenzo García Vega, Hector Libertella or Néstor Perlongher writers that were connected to hermetic knowledge and they all work around a concept of magic and sorcery that tries to vanish the archetypical point of view of magical practices through art, poetry and performance using this tools to achieve real changes in language and its use as well as personal transformation involved in that process. We sorcerers believe that Deleuze has forged a group of concepts around the figure of the sorcerer that describes the most transcendental artistic activities apart from the traditional use of magic and allows an amplitude on the practice and expansion of creativity in a non traditional way of knowledge. We all believe that knowledge and philosophy has been normalized over the years and the moral attachments that link them to the use of political and religious power. We believe that it is possible to question and transform the forms in which we have learnt to use our intellectual and spiritual skills, thus responding to the needs of a human being that has been compromised to normalization and obedience through a system based on an institutional moral background such as the temples and churches or any form of control. The becoming-animal is Deleuze´s model to acknowledge the need to strip from our previous believes and concepts and allowing our natural alliance to nature to manifest. This whole “pack” revolves around a condition, a way of perceiving how energy can be used to transform actual reality in order to mutate, in order to be able to use our tools and skills to create, think, feel or even heal outside the boundaries of traditional science or established religious backgrounds. If this is hardly a partial and concrete definition of sorcery, it has the capacity to create rhizomatic differences, things that are not born and will not vanish but is perceived in the constant “becomings” of its flux. The present project has the objective of producing from audiovisual language, a “becoming - documentary” that starts from a core of people that practice in different spaces and modes their techniques to relate with this fluxes from ancestral knowledge. We want to make a pragmatic statement: the sorcery or magic are not only present in their explicit practices, somehow, there are thousands of daily experiences in the process of artistic creation that build a different state of consciousness and are able to be felt exactly the same as the repetition of a model or the concentration on breathing. We want to be able to look for these adepts that are between the boundaries, creating a nomadic structure of spirit. We want to build a cinema that has the same characteristics than this experience, we want to become the flux in which there´ç is also a sorcerer cinema. So the structure of the piece is pretty simple: we will go through the experiences and people that are becoming-magic, becoming poet, becoming-animal, becoming-therapist, becoming-performance. This documentary pretends to sit the bases of contagion, to create the opportunity to sail between energetic powers that go over the established science, but that are still alive and breathing behind the creator. We will become-spirit in the events of transformation. We pretend to take the sorcerers to meet others in different corners of the land to feel the resonance of magic behaviour and understand what they have to offer to create a difference with the old world of archaic institutional values. We want to go back to meet us in a state of awareness.